DryPenetration — EN ISO 22612

The test device is compliant with the EN ISO 22612  standard, for testing of textiles in terms of microbial penetration in the dry stateSix test containers are mounted on a marble slab and are using the air turbine in about 20,000 vibrations / min. accommodated.
 The vibration is generated by compressed air and regulated by means of a pressure reducing valve. 


The package is ready to complete the unit, including the control. The system capacity is 6 bar minimum.


FittingTool RTPMS

Compared to other devices, this standard tool is able to mount rubber valve caps by depressing into the rim. It is characterised by simplicity and universal application for steel or aluminum rims. It is robust and maintenance-free, regarding it's simple design.
The tool for tire pressure sensors (RTPMS) was specifically developed to fit snap-in tire pressure sensors from Schrader, Antrim (UK) of all rim types.


WheelLifter RLH 1200

Up to a height of 1.2 m the WheelLifter RLH-1200 alleviates the replacement and change of weels effectivelyWith only 2 ½ crank turns and without any exertion of force the wheel is positioned
and held
 on height in seconds. The wheel is able to rotate on the axle tubes and easy to move.

The WheelLifter does not require external energy such as electricity or compressed air.


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