kotter | m+o Engineering provides innovative user-centered, quality- and cost oriented solutions to international clients.


The foundation of todays company dates back to 1977, originated from INOX stainless steel Ltd. which dealt with the manufacture and sale of components made of stainless materials for architecture and interior design.


1989, INOX was renamed to Kotter Metall- and Surface Treatment Ltd. accounted for by inclusion of trade of aluminum profiles and mechanical surface treatment through laser radiation.


2005, Kotter Ltd. established the business fields of development, construction and trade of special components.


2011, kotter | m+o was refounded through conversion of the corporate name to registered sole trader and liquidation of the Ltd. 




The range of services are defined through engineering design and construction of special component according to customer requirement or build on own initiative.


• Automotive Industry

• Chemical Manufacturing

• Laboratory Technology

• Medical Technology

• Metrology


Within the scope of assignments kotter | m+o selects and both audits and monitors competent and certified quality-conscious supliers.


An additional company focus is the conversion from glass to steel in chemical plants with reference to process media in terms of material selection. As well partially supplements with appropriate transition of glass and steel are possible. Advantages of such a conversion are: Durable corrosion resistance, higher allowable process pressures, increased leakagethrough flanged or welded connections.



Every project, whether development, design, consulting or procurement is executed with almost 40 years of professional experience and education of a competent engineer with diploma graduation. Mr. Kotter´s expertise benefits from:

 Extensive teaching in college and crafts, as well as ongoing training with new technologies and constant confrontation with solutions. 

 Extensive additional qualifications, such as European and International Welding Engineer (EWE / IWE).

• Strong focus on quality, the product and the manufacturer's operating affectingpositive.

kotter | m+o Engineering offers best practice made in Germany.

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